Final Results, April 15

News General updates
  • Due to winter/spring breaks of many local schools, the deadline to register has been extended to Wed. March 15, 2000. (Updated on 3-4-00)
  • Grades for Junior Division: 5th thru 12th. Please read the following common sense rules.
    • Teachers, mentors, coordinators, parents are not supposed to give direct help in solving the problems. If this is violated, the team may play but will be out of consideration for winning the prizes.
    • Judges will ask technical questions to each team member during the competition.
  • All the team members should bring their social security numbers as well as their mailling addresses on the day of competion, which is necessary to order US savingings bond, if the team wins. The social security number is required when a team fills out a check-in sheet. The US savings bonds will be mailed to the winners.
  • No flashlights allowed in the gym.
Game rule updates
  • Robo Tag
    • If a robot falls down, it will lose the game.
    • In the beginning of the game, the tagee can be placed anywhere in the opposite side of the tagger.
Updates about constructing and programming the robots
  • You may use Pitsco Lego Dacta RoboLab kits. (updated on 3-4-00)
  • Only one RCX CPU unit must be used for the games.
  • Recommended fan to be used for fire-fighter race: Tractor 3 blade, Magnum series, size 6-3 or 6-4, by Grish Products Inc., or the can be purchased at Joe's Hobby Stores. You need to drill the hole.
Updates about constructing the playing fields
  • Robo Race: the height of dead-end wall and home wall is at least 2 3/4" and they are supported by bookends, which means the walls do not move.
More video clips and images
  • Robo Fire-Fighter Race

Last modified on 2-25-00