Please read carefully before coming to LTU.


How to get to Lawrence Tech in Southfield, Michigan

Bring your cheering squad on the day of the competition! Admission is free. Parking is also free.

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Competition Judging

All the awards except performance awards are decided by judges based on the following criteria: functionality, performance, programming, construction, creativity, and new technology used. After having technical interviews, after the first round, j udges will watch your games during the second round. Also they are watching your team table if any adults are giving direct help. They may ask to write a simple program when they visit your team table. Note that judges will not visit every team. They will visit only some candidate teams for judge's awards after watching games.

Exhibition Judging

Juges will watch official demonstrations first. Then they will visit team tables to have technical interviews with the team. The award will be decided based on originality, creativity, functionality, performance, programming, construction, presentation, and new technology used.


Playing Fields

Game Rule Updates / Clarifications: Please check out this.

Contest Order, Rules, and Procedure

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