RoboFest 2002 Rules

Lawrence Tech's RoboFest (Robotics Festival) is an open contest in which the participants can show off their robots while learning problem solving techniques, mathematics, logic, creativity, team work, physics, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, and computer programming & technology. The LTU RoboFest 2002 has the following four contests in two categories:

  1. Lego Robot Competition
  2. Lego Robot Exhibition
  3. Advanced Robot Competition
  4. Advanced Robot Exhibition

The competition: A team of students competes to accomplish robotics missions emulating real world environments. RoboFest competition has some unique features. Robots must be fully autonomous, with no radio controls. The game rules are simple, as is the construction of the playing fields. However, the dimension of the playing field is unknown. Any sensors, motors, and software environments / programming languages may be used. RoboFest 2002 competition, RoboRescuers, will require cooperation between two robots. Only 60 teams are invited to Lawrence Tech and the selection is based on the order of registration compeletion.

The exhibition: Robotics exhibition is a great way for students to show off their creativity. Each team has complete freedom to create autonomous robotics projects such as robot pets, robot artists, dancing robots, storytelling with robots, and robots for scientific experiments. Robots may be of any size and can use any material. Exhibition teams are required to submit the following items to the RoboFest committee via email to [email protected]. These items must be submitted after registration before April 6.

Please note that a team can enter only one contest. There is no registration fee and admission is free.

Details about the registration rules are as follows:

Lego Robot Divisions

Advanced Robot Divisions

Team Coaches

Team Members

Team Volunteers

The team cannot run without help of various volunteers for the following jobs such as mentoring, financial sponsoring, transportation, or constructing playing fields, taking pictures, video taping, etc.

Common Sense Rules for Education

Construction of the robot body is to be done by the students. All programming is to be done by the students. Parents, teachers, mentors, or coaches may not assemble the robot bodies or write the program code for the team at any time during the preparation period or during the contest. Any direct participation (writing code, assembling robots) is a violation of the rules. The offending team will become ineligible for any awards.

Team's Responsibility

Judging and Prizes

Winners are decided by several categories including, but not limited to: originality, creativity, functionality, performance, programming, construction, teamwork, team spirit, presentation, and new technology used. Coaches, technology mentors, and parents should not provide direct solutions to the teams. Some teams may be asked to develop simple programs to make sure they learned essential concepts from this RoboFest program.

Tentative Schedule

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