Robofest World Championship - May 17 ~ 19, 2018

List of Winners:      Main Categories         Open Categories          Video Qualifiers

Officially Advanced/Registered Teams (any errors, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

        Game             Exhibition            Vcc           RoboArts            BottleSumo             UMC             RoboParade               WISER

PROGRAM with official list of teams for each category in PDF


  • Highlights:

    • Thursday:
    • Friday:
      • 8:30 am: WISER Conference
      • 8:30 am: RoboParade
      • 12:30 pm: UMC
      • 4:00 pm: Site Host and Coach meeting (A200) for general questions or instructions
      • 5:00 pm: Pizza Dinner for all in attendance. No Cost. No Reservation required.
      • 5:30 pm: BottleSumo comptitions in 3 different locations
    • Saturday:
      • ​9:00 am: Opening Ceremonies 
      • 9:30 am: Game, Exhibition, Vcc, and RoboArts 
      • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm:  Award Ceremony for Robot Drawing Contest, WISER, RoboParade, UMC, Anniversary Coaches, Team Photo Awards, and Video Qualifier Winners
      • 3:00 pmFinal BottleSumo rounds - Final RoboArts Demonstration - Award Ceremony for all Saturday events.


Lawrence Technological University, 21000 West 10 Mile, Southfield, MI 48075 directions to LTU

The Open Category events on Thursday and Friday, as well as the WISER conference are scheduled at various locations around campus. Maps and schedules will  be available at the Robofest Headquarters/information desk located in Room J233 in the Taubman Complex (Building 4 on the LTU Campus Map). Use Parking Lot "E". Parking is free.

All Saturday Main events AND the Information Desk will be located at Don Ridler Field House (No. 13 building on the LTU Campus Map).  Use parking lot "F" or "C". Parking is free. 


We will have Food Trucks on site for breakfast and lunch concessions on Saturday!! Bring your lawn chairs and picnic blankets, (weather pending). 

  • The Grillwich Tot Stop has a variety of sandwiches, side dishes and drinks. 
  • The Nosh-pit was recently recognized as one of the best vegan food trucks in the nation by Mobile Cuisine and has won many local awards
  • Drifter Coffee is a mobile coffee shop


International teams:

  • ​Each team must pay $50 registration fee FOR EACH DIVISION collected by LTU. (Example: a coach has a team participating in Game as well as BottleSumo. In this case, the coach needs to pay $100 to LTU)

USA teams:

  • AtBC Game and Exhibition teams who already paid $50 registration fees for a qualifier in the  2018 season - NO ADDITIONAL FEES COLLECTED
  • Open Category BottleSumo, UMC, Vcc, RoboParade, and RoboArts teams: $50 registration fee
  • Robot Drawing Contest, NO registration fee
  • WISER participants do not need to pay fees.

Team Check-In Information:

  • For each individual event, Coaches or Assistant Coaches ONLY will need to check in each team at the division venue. Check-in will open 1 hour prior to the scheduled start time for each division. We will not be able to check in teams early for events. If you have a team participating in multiple events, please check in for each event separately to receive your team ID badges and Participation Certificates.
  • Robofest Headquarters Thursday and Friday - Taubman Complex room J233 - General Infirmation only - No team check in 
  • Robofest Headquarters Saturday - Rider Fieldhouse 
  • Each team member (Coaches, assistant coaches, players) must submit a new Consent and Release form for the World Championship. Please print and bring your completed, signed forms.

Travel Information:

The closest airport is Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). We are approximately 20 miles from the airport. You may want to rent a car for ease in getting to and from the airport and to and from campus.

City of Southfield Website

Recommended hotels near LTU (teams are responsible to reserve hotel rooms directly)

Fundraising ideas to travel Use online sites such as,, or other online fundraising sites. For example, please check out Team Justice or SPB robotics

Registration rules for Open Categories: please review section 1 & 15 in the General Rules.

Notes to Game Teams:

  • Please read the Rules and FAQ. Please note that there will be totally unknown task(s) that require program changes and/or additions. 
  • Only team members, Judges, Proctors and Official Volunteers will be allowed in the pit during the entire day. 
  • Team will be disqualified immediately, if team handles or interferes with another team’s robot, laptop, competition or personal materials (either in pit or impound area). See Proctor Violation Report form.
  • Official fields will be open for practice. Make sure the robot meets size requirements.
  • Charging is not allowed after impounding. Note that robots are impounded after Round 1 during lunch break. 

Notes to Exhibition Teams:

  • Each team will be given maximum 4 minutes for official presentation using a microphone. The 4 minute presentation should include team and member introduction, robot introduction, and demonstration. Teams must be at the table during the time slots specifed in the schedule.
  • One 6ft table covered with black vinyl will be assigned for each team.  Maximum space a team can use is 64 square feet including the table. If your team needs any special setup, please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know in advance.
  • As noted in the Robofest top level rules, there will be secret judges who will not identify themselves as judges. Exhibition teams must demonstrate and explain their projects to all the visitors during the official times.
  • Registered spectators will decide People's Choice Awards. 
Notes to WISER conference: Robofest coaches, assistant coaches, mentors are free to attend the conference on Friday, May 18. (However, lunch is provided only for presenters)
Notes to RoboParade Teams: theme of the event is "Celebrate World Cultures". Adherence to the theme will be reflected by the score in the artistic creativity category of the rubric. Bios of Judges in PDF
Notes to BottleSumo Teams: Unknown start task requires addition / modification of the program. No adult is allowed in the pit area.
Notes to UMC Teams: No adult is allowed in the room.
Notes to RoboArts Teams: Registered spectators will decide People's Choice Awards. Bios of Judges in PDF
Notes to Robot Drawing Contest: No adult is allowed in the room. Bios of Judges in PDF
Notes to Vcc: Floor color of the venue space is unknown.


Call the News Media!

We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Please call TV stations, newspapers, and other news media and invite them to come to the World Robofest Championship.



World Championship 2017

Official Program in PDF with list of teams​

Bios of Exhibition, GRAF, RoboParade, Robot Drawing Judges

 Schedule of events

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