2021 Robofest Online World Championship Events and Information


2021 Winner List with Participants Names (PDF)


ROWC AWARD CEREMONY - Saturday, October 2, 2021 8:00 am EDT. 

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We need to recognize students' achievement in science and engineering fields. Each team's achievement is remarkable and needs to be celebrated! If you have any media contacts please call them to publicize your team's achievements. Send any links to the Robofest office.


Category Day Date Award Winners  Highlight Video Event Judge Info Event Program
Sr. UMC Friday 8/20/21

UMC Awards

Sr UMC  Sr UMC Judges Sr UMC Program
Jr. UMC Saturday 8/21/21 UMC Awards Jr UMC Jr UMC Judges Jr UMC Program
Sr. & College RoboMed Friday 8/27/21 RoboMed Awards RoboMed RoboMed Judges RoboMed Program
Jr. & Sr. RoboArts Saturday 8/28/21 RoboArts Awards


RoboArts Judges RoboArts Program
Sr. Exhibition Friday 9/10/21 Exhibitiion Awards Sr Exhibition Sr Ex Judges Sr Ex Program
Jr. Exhibition Saturday 9/11/21 Exhibition Awards Jr Exhibition Jr Ex Judges Jr Ex Program
Sr. BottleSumo Time Trial CL & UL Friday 9/17/21 BSTT Awards Sr BSTT Sr BSTT Judges Sr BSTT Program
Jr. BottleSumo Time Trial Saturday 9/18/21 BSTT Awards Jr BSTT Jr BSTT Judges Jr BSTT Program
Sr. Game: StackRolls Friday 9/24/21 StackRolls Awards Sr StackRolls Sr Game Judges Sr Game Program
Jr. Game: StackRolls Saturday 9/25/21 StackRolls Awards Jr StackRolls  Jr Game Judges Jr Game Program



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