Robofest Workshops

Game workshop materials for each year will be available only to registered coaches.

Python for EV3 Workshop Materials
  • NEW! 2020 Spring EV3 Python workshop for Game GolfBowl Slides in PDF | code (may need to right click and Save Link As...) 

Robot Mesh Studio Software & Workshop Materials

Lego EV3 Exhibition Workshop Materials  

Lego EV3 Game Workshop Materials

RobotC Software & Workshop Materials

Lego EV3 Day Camp Materials  

Arduino Micro Controller Camp Materials

‚ÄčLego NXT Workshop Materials

Robotics Curriculum

Construction Tips

Examples and Ideas for Robofest Exhibitions

Robotics Contest and Robotics Learning Group Links

Lego Robot Classes at Universities


  • Lockup problems when trying to install the IR tower on laptops (such as Toshiba P25). This is a known problem to lego and they have different driver for the affected computers. Their page can be found here.
  • Introduction to Robotics for Robofest