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    Site Applicant Information
    Year: 2019
    *Proposed Competition Date:
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    *Start Time:  :  

    Site Host Applicant Information

    *First Last Name:
    Job Title:
    Host Organization:
    *Retype Email:
    Phone: (maximum 13 digits - no formatting, please)

    Venue Information

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    *Venue City:
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    Competition Categories & Maximum # of Teams to Accommodate    

    *Division             Site Max # of Teams to Accommodate
    Junior Competition               
    Senior Competition               
    Jr Exhibition (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr Exhibition (9th-12th grade)               
    Senior Pentathlon               
    Fashion Dance               
    Jr Game (5th-8th grade)               
    College Mini Urban               
    Senior Mini Urban               
    Sr Game (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr BottleSumo (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr BottleSumo Classic (9th-12th grade)               
    Collegiate Challenge Pro               
    RoboParade (4th-8th grade)               
    VEX Bridge Battle               
    Warm Up Jr Game               
    Warm Up Sr Game               
    Sr Vcc (9th-12th grade)               
    College Vcc               
    Hexapod Sumo               
    Sr Robo Visual Arts (9th-12th grade)               
    Sr Robo Performing Arts (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr Robo Visual Arts (5th-8th grade)               
    Jr Robo Performing Arts (5th-8th grade)               
    Adv Robo Arts               
    Jr UMC (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr UMC (9th-12th grade)               
    BottleSumo Camp               
    RoboParade Camp (4th-8th grade)               
    Jr. RoboArts (5th-8th grade)               
    Sr. RoboArts (9th-12th grade)               
    Jr Sumo (5th-8th grade)               
    Robot Drawing Contest (4th-8th grade)               
    Sr RoboParade (9th-12th grade)               
    Sumo Wrestling               
    Sr BottleSumo UL (9th-12th grade)               

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